Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Having had a positive feedback motivates me to reveal more on Malaysian Hockey as we try to reveal the web of deceit.

Next I want to raise a pertinent point, one that is on the lips of many but no one dares ask the question.

Why are officials from one state hockey association dominating Malaysian Hockey?

This is a question of ethics and conflict of interest.

Let's give a clear example how it was handled in the past, where principles meant a lot more then what is being practiced today.

In 1988 the late S. Satgunam had to relinquish his position as the NSHA secretary as he wanted to contest the MHF secretary position. And in 1993 a new MHF Executive Secretary in the likes of R. beelakandan was appointed to keep the post separate from the Hon. Secretary position.

Such were the separation of powers then in order to maintain transparency so that hockey was administrated justly and fairly.

What is happening today is a clear abuse of the process where some officials have conspired to run MHC like its a family owned business.

Those who are holding positions in the states should do the honourable thing - resign from either MHC or the state.

And those who have no locus standi should not be dishing out instructions or deciding matters for MHF as they were not duly elected nor appointed.

The funny thing is while change was the key were being bandied around prior to the MHC elections but change did happen but not for the better.

The acenario now is one of cronyism as MHC makes decisions outside the boardroom and at the only meeting of the executive board the appointment of the CEO was shoved upon them by so called Presidential powers.

Perhaps the President wants to share how he felt when the same word Presidential prerogative was used by the then FAM President to reject their candidate after the 2007 FAM elections.

Let's restore dignity to hockey, be transparent and not rule it as if it's your toy. Take two steps back into history to learn but when arrogance rules the day, power corrupts.

Or come join me in my four hour dialysis sessions for as my blood gets cleansed, maybe I can clean your thoughts for the betterment of hockey.

My dare remains - if you live the country over state then please relinquish your state position, a practice currently adopted only by KLHA.