Sunday, May 31, 2015


A lukewarm smile, half a handshake. That's how the President of MHC greeted me at the Press Comference, obviously trying to show his displeasure of this blogs revelations.

To be honest the former MHC Senior Vice President who was ousted did better as he took the trouble to call to find out of my health.

This cold shoulder atituse was expected nonetheless as we will today reveal just what has become of MHC.

Let's take a look at the appointment of George Koshy as the Conpetitions Chairman.

When asked by a journalist as to the conflict of interest, the President retorted that Koshy will be relinquishing his role with KLHC soon as they have a team in MHL.

Just wait a minute here, why should Koshy stop running his club? Conflict of interest says the President as reported in the blog www.

Wait a minute please as you shoot yourself in the foot. With the exception of Koshy, nine of the elected officials of the EB hold positions at state level. Is that not conflict of interest? When can we expect them to resign!

The President clearly shows double standards being practiced and will be held in high esteem if he resigns his state position.

Next we come to appointment of Independent Members. The sole reason this positions were created was to help MHF and later MHC to have the option of bringing in personalities to help the sport.

So why appoint someone who just assumed the leadership of a state body and another who has no technical expertise in the sport.

There are many who can contribute effectively to the sport but were ignored as they are not in the right political camp!

Even the appointment of Chairmans of the various sub committees shows how shallow thinking rules the day.

Someone who headed the High Performance Committee in the past three years and recycled slides now is given Development. And no ex international takes charge of High Performance while International Affairs was an after thought as they ran out of committees to dish out.

And the list goes on and on as blunders rule the day in MHC. Just sad that one state continues to form the bulk of appointments when they cannot sort out a turd for the state but all has been hit air.

My thanks to the CEO for taking trouble to explain the PC invite issue and one simple advise - get rid of little napoleons in your office and those being placed as so called Admin Executives, also known as Gundu mama. 

And to Neelam Pari, any more positions you want? You can take the goal post as well!