Thursday, May 28, 2015


Conflict of interest is a widely used term, but sadly never practised by those within MHC.

Last Saturday there was yet another Brainstorming session for teams participating in the Malaysian Hockey League, be it the Premier League, Division One and the Ladies League.

Several peculiar things happen that makes one sit up and view with concern the direction the new MHC is taking.

Firstly is the participation of the National Juniors.

A decision to field the Juniors as a team was taken in February 2014 and they then stayed out of last years MHL on basis that they are not adequately prepared.

Now a year later the excuse is the same as they get the clubs to object to the release of the players.

But what is the actual reason of the Juniors shying away? 

Simply put it is co flick of interest as many if not all the team officials are involved in a particular club and obviously receive monetary gains above what they get with the National Juniors.

One has to remember that national interests is to be placed above everything else especially money.

The end result of the brainstorming session was that the Executive Board would decide on the fate of the juniors.

Imagine leaving the decisions in the hands of the very people who have conflict of interests as they are holding federal and state positions in hockey bodies and some who have no locus standi.

Then we have an issue as to why gold such a brain storming session when MHC has yet to appoint a Compeitions Chairman or Committee.

Such a session was held five years ago at OCM and the recommendations are probably lying in the shelves of the MHC.

The Malays have a saying the describes well the atituse called "bodoh sombong" or loosely translated means stupid yet arrogant to describe those who do not ask when they are not clear.

Let's see what those on mighty chairs decide on Saturday, nation or friendship.