Wednesday, May 27, 2015

YAARE GUNDU MAMA - Part 5 Untold Stories

In simple English the title above translated means " who is this fat uncle".

That seems to be the question asked right from the corridors of power at the Jalil Hill to the wide spectrum of the hockey fraternity.

It is indeed baffling why this individual wields so much power when he is not an elected office bearer and not a paid employee of MHC.

He has been introduced as the Deputy CEO to the NSC Director General, as Admin Executive to staff of MHC and also as Executive Secretary to others.

But one thing is certain - he is a decision and executor of directives of the President.

Basically this individual has no locus standi when one examines the MHC Constitution yet he has made phone calls to some officials offering them Chairmanship or Membership of various Sub Committees when he obviously has no say in such matters.

Perhaps the biggest blunder was to an elder statesman in hockey who was offered the Fisciplinary Board Chairmanship when the constitution clearly spells out that any individual appointed must be in legal practice and has legal qualification.

While this individual may mean well by acting on orders of the President, there is an appointed CEO whose job is to administer MHC, unless he is merely a puppet in the system.

So it's best that Dundu Mama should take a step back or get into the system and vacate his state position if the federal position is what he seeks.

Let the Executive Board make impartial decisions, after discussions unlike being forced to accept decisions like the appointment of the CEO.