Monday, May 25, 2015


Change often is meant for the better. But the changes in MHC has shown a wider split in the hockey fraternity barely  three weeks after its AGM.

While there are bound to be disgruntled personalities amongst the losers, what is shocking is the reaction from some in what can be perceived as the winning camp.

Indeed four phone calls to four affiliates revealed that a plan is in the works to move a motion of no confidence against the newly elected President and the Deputy President 1.

This conspiracy deems from the fact that these affiliates are unhappy with the proceedings within MHC where the President and his trusted lieutenants seem to make unilateral decisions instead of transparency and fair play as so loudly provocated in the run up to elections.

The President is quoted in a leading Malay daily as claiming that MHC is one big happy family, a claim denied by the four affiliates who feel that those holding positions in state bodies should vacate their state seats as there is a conflict of interest.

An attempt by the henchman to send out Whatsapp image of a paper report stating MHC will pay bonus to the players on May 30 actually does more damage then good.

For MHC has used up the sponsors money of the MJHL instead of paying the subsidy to teams who participated in the tournament or the technical officials.

It's best to feed your family instead of claiming glory as many have their own families to care for.

As for the conflict of interest issue, it's a question of ethics and let's see if any of the nine in the Executive Board live to upholding ethics.