Friday, May 29, 2015


There seems to be selective persecution by the newly appointed CEO of MHC as no invite was send to me for the post EB Press Conference.

Earlier I. The week I was sent an email inviting me to the naming of the SEA Games squads and subsequently the list of players.

I dulu replied to the email requesting the names of officials going to Singapore, and till at the time of writing I await a reply.

This it came as a surprise that the CEO conspicuously left me out of the email notifying the media on the PC at MHC. Still I hope to be there, maybe they will put up armed security guards to keep me out.

It is interesting to note that the CEO is doing what the old regime of MHC used to do, deny me an invite and perhaps the CEO is taking instructions from Gundu Mama on who not to invite.

Talking of Gundu Mama, those who watch Tamil movies will remember a character from the movie Padiyappa which is " Neelam Pari".

Now this character is a lady who thinks that whatever she says is right and all others are wrong.

This character thinks that whatever her decisions are for others to follow.

Why raise this character and what equation is it to MHC? Well there is an official within MHC that displays such a personality.

This person "was" relatively close to me and when I started dialysis used to message me daily, to encourage me.

But in the run up to the MHC elections the true character of this person was revealed as all was important was her election into office.

All her promises ended up to be mere reathoric as I was merely a pawn in her web of deceit.

This she is rightfully named as Neelam Pari as she really plays that role to perfection.

I have challenged her to take on the role of Competitions Chairman and as one of the inner mafias of MHC, she should have the guts to prove me wrong.

After all she wants to add titles to her position, having amassed many posts then goal posts in the country.

See you tomorrow CEO.