Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There seems to be a constitutional crisis of sorts looming in the Malaysian Hockey Federation. And this has to do with the decision of the last MHF Council meeting where the President of MHF in his opening remarks mentioned the need to make changes to the constitution, the most significant of which is that in future both the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer will be appointed by the President rather then be elected by the affiliates.

While I will not discuss the merits and disadvantages of making such amendments here, it is shocking to learn that a Vice President of MHF is guilty of a whisper campaign amongst affiliates to vote against such an amendment when the changes are tabled at the next Council meeting.

Such a conduct is unbecoming of the said official and the President should take note of the enemy within. And talking of a new constitution, I have already completed a draft copy for MHF in line with the provisions of FIH as well as the Sports Development Act 1997 as well as the guidelines advocated by the Sports Commissioners Office.