Thursday, April 8, 2010


Remember the childs hymn, round and round the garden like a Teddy bear, one step two step.... and so it goes on.

Well that is the similiar case in trying to get an answer from the MHF, the national team manager and the chief coach when this blog asked yesterday on just who are the five players being called up to the national squad after the completion of the Tun Razak Cup.

I was told that a meeting was taking place and that the names will be released after that but nothing was revealed. The manager and coach said that the MHF will release the names.

And today when I sought the names from MHF, the answer I received was please ask the team manager.

So is it such a big secret that releasing the names could lead to a ruckus or may lead to them losing their posts?

I was told earlier that it was being professional not to release names before MHF was informed, guess it might need a visit to Tun Razak to see for yourself who was named, that is if the training venue is not a guarded secret as well.