Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The national team for the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup will be named after the friendly match against Egypt on May 3 in Ipoh. A day later the team will be up against Australia, in another friendly before the tournament proper gets underway on May 6 against Pakistan.

Recently appointed chief coach Stephen van Huizen will no doubt be having a selection headache, not from the goalkeeping perspective though where he has five keepers and of late had to fend questions as to why he named five keepers. But no one makes an issue when Pakistan names ten keepers in their training squad.

Well in a way Stephen does not have the full team to pick from as Kelvinder Singh, Harvinder Singh, Jiwan Mohan, Baljit Singh Sarab are on the crock list while Shahrun Nabil is admitted in Damansara Specialist due to a condition where he has a very high protein count and could well miss out the tournament as well. IN addition Jiwa Mohan has not joined training yet as he is based in Perth.

Taking away these six players, and the fact that three goalkeepers will be excluded, that leaves another five players from the list of 32 to be dropped for the Azlan Shah Cup challenge.