Friday, April 2, 2010


It was April Fools day yesterday but the info I gathered was no joking matter. Since MHF Council meets Saturday, let's look through what has been happening.

One official was said to have pocketed rental from shophouses owned by MHF and would have got away with six months rental had it not been for some alert officials .

Then there was a case of a manager pocketing money meant as allowances for the players.

Next is the story about two players who argued in a match when one of them scored a goal and was scolded by the other. And coaching staff aware of incident but never reported it in writing.

Also MHF will only employ Roelant Oltmans in January 2011 thus the plan to have him train the team for Asian Games scrapped for time being.

As an afterthought, MHF introduces the third/fourth placing for Division Two, a week after tournament commenced.

Talking about a week late, Razak Cup organisors chased out the only journalist from Secretariat room and told him to occupy another room which had poor Internet facility. And mind you the other room was used by coaches attending Level 3 course.

And finally Paul Lissek to embark on nationwide schools coaching clinics. While Ministry of Education is involved, they did not contribute a dime, all is the effort of MHF and NSC , yet expect a former NSC DG to take all the credit lah.

Mismanagent, abuse of power, fraud, and above all match fixing allegations rule the day.

Some are mere allegations but there is no smoke without a fire right?