Friday, April 30, 2010


In the second game in Day 4 at this BDO World Cup Qualifier we saw mighty Australia determine to win over Malaysia who was playing their third game in this tournament.

It only took Australia  minutes of the first half to earn their first couple Penalty Corner and with a fantastic option off the top of the circle to Ashleigh NELSON allowed Australia to open the score.

The Australian attacking wave continued without slowing down.  However Malaysia challenged them in defense following the lead of Malaysia’s Siti Noor Amarina RUHANI

An excellent effort by Teneal ATTARD allowed Australia to create a new scoring opportunity that Madonna BLYTH utilized to score Australia’s second goal.

The wave continued, and Madonna BLYTH scores again after a great build up attack from the left side of the field. The last goal of Australia in the first half was of a Penalty Corner option with Kate HOLLYWOOD.

1st Half AUS v MAS


Australia pressured Malaysia’s defense zone with great passes and generating greater numerical advantage on the ball at all times.  Malaysia, in their third game of this tournament started to show signs of their challenges arriving late to the tournament and perhaps fatigue was becoming a factor trying to keep up with the fast and determinant Australian team.

The five goals scored in the second half were result of a disciplined team that continue to work together, moving the ball very effectively along with efficient movement by all players.

Ashleigh NELSON scored their fifth goal, then a Penalty Stroke,

second for Malaysia in this tournament, was called by umpired Amy HASSICK from USA. Malaysia’s goalkeeper Farah Ayuni YAHYA had not chance against Australian’s striker Nicole ARROLD who scored with a fast high flick to the right corner of the net.

In the second last Penalty Corner of this game, Ashleigh NELSON scores in a rebound and then again her fourth goal of this game.  Only seconds left in the game and Australia was looking for more, they score their last and ninth goal of this match with an impressive attack that Madonna BLYTH utilized to score her third goal in this game