Saturday, April 17, 2010


The Stadium Board has opted to use the above artificial pitch for the two national hockey stadiums, the venues which are world renowned and have played host to the World Cup as well not to mention the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

The decision is being talked about in the hockey circles as the MHF were consulted, gave their recommendations but was not accepted. If cost was a factor, then surely those on the Board have made a major error if reading the costs submitted below.

The turfs that were proposed and the cost was as follows:

DOMO : RM4,471,624.20
POLYGRASS: RM4,505,795.30
POLYTAN: RM4,533.342.60
EDEL: RM4,956,428.70
GREENFIELDS: RM4,272,400.00
XTREME TURF: RM4,253.084.20
TEAM AQUATURF: RM4,377,402.70

Over the years, Domo® has built up a significant list of references for hockey pitches.But looking at the list below, just how many world class tournaments were held as one can read from these listings as picked up from thewebsite.

Maybe NSC Director General Dato Zolkples Embong, who is a member of the Stadium Board, and has traveled extensively to hockey events, could shed some light as to why this brand was picked over others who have been n Malaysia for the last 3 decades.

•    Bedum, Netherlands, 2008 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Ronse, Belgium, 2008 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    HC Victory, Edegem, Belgium, 2008 / DOMOlympics 
•    Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2008 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Elsene, Belgium, 2007 / DOMOlympics
•    HC Alecto Leiderdorp, Netherlands, 2007 / DOMOlympics 
•    Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2007 / DOMOlympics 
•    Waterloo Ducks, Belgium, 2007 - FIH recommended / DOMOlympics
•    HC Jahn, Germany, 2006 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Intermol, Belgium, 2006 / DOMO® STROKE
•    Kazan Hockey, Russia, 2006 / DOMOlympics 
•    Lambertsart, France, 2006 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Leidse en Oegstgeestse HC, Netherlands, 2006 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Phoenix Hockey Club, Netherlands, 2006 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Royal Uccle Sport, Belgium, 2006 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    HC Hisalis, Netherlands, 2005 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    HOD – Valkenswaard, Netherlands, 2005 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    HC Spire (Hoogwoud, Opmeer), Netherlands, 2005 / DOMO® DRIBBEL
•    Hong Kong Hockey Stadium, Hong Kong, 2005 / DOMOlympics
•    KHC Leuven, Belgium, 2004 - FIH recommended / DOMOlympics
•    Nigeria National Stadium Complex, Nigeria, 2004 / DOMOlympics 

•    Royal Uccle Sport, Belgium, 2004 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    Royal Oree THB, Belgium, 2003 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME
•    VMHC Spitsbergen, Netherlands, 2005 / DOMO® DRIBBEL
•    HK Orient Lyngby, Denmark, 2004 / DOMO® HOCKEY XTREME