Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Following the disclosure of the assault on the five Bukit Jalil Sports School junior players by their seniors, a press conference was held this morning where copies of the police report were distributed. More on that later as see the pictures below to make your conclusions before facts are deliberated. Suffice to say another police report was lodged at 5.00am this morning on the same incident. More later...

Read The Malay Mail reports below....

by: K. Rajan &Deborah Chow

KUALA LUMPUR: They were only doing what they loved best — playing hockey.
But for that, five students of the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) were assaulted, allegedly by their own seniors yesterday.
The boys' parents claimed that the senior players were instigated by a BJSS coach, who was not happy with the younger players training outside of BJSS.
The assault allegedly took place twice after the five returned from a training session at National Sports Council (NSC) field yesterday.
Around 10 seniors were said to have assaulted the boys with hockey sticks and rubber hose in a dorm room, resulting in the younger players sustaining several bruises.
The victims — Athitsha Tamilchelvam, Zizi Azwan Harun Basri, Muhd Fitri Jasni, Hashim Harun and Ahmad Ashraf Alias, all 15, were later taken to Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) for treatment by their parents, who later lodged a report at the Sungai Besi police station.
Speaking during a Press conference at the Pantai Hockey Stadium this morning, S. Tamilchelvam, whose son was allegedly one of the victims, claimed the attacks were instigated by a BJSS hockey coach.
"We want the coach to be taken out of the school. This is the third time we've had problems with the coach.
"He had previously threatened the junior players," the distraught father claimed.
Tamilchelvam claimed he was informed of the coach's supposed involvement by some of the attackers known to the father.
"The boys who attacked my son are not bad boys. I cannot accept the fact that these boys I know well could hurt my son."
Tamilchelvam called for strict action by the relevant authorities against all parties involved in the incident.
Meanwhile, Ahmad Ashraf's father, Alias Desa, claimed that BJSS teachers were not aware of the beatings until he talked to one them.
He alleged: "I was shocked to see the condition of the beaten-up boys. Some of them were shivering and could not even walk properly due to the beating.
"The boys were too shaken up to inform us of the beating. We were notified about the incident by one of the Fifth formers, who called Tamilchelvam. If we, the parents, had not gone to the school, our sons might not have received treatment as the teachers were not aware of the incident."

Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) principal Marina Chin (pic) brushed off public intrusion over the assault of five students from the school.
"This is an internal issue and should not concern (the public) especially the Press," Chin told The Malay Mail today. "We are in the process (of looking into the matter) and have taken the necessary action."
Chin, however, declined to elaborate on the type of action taken by the school on the alleged culprits.
When asked about the allegations by one of the victim's parent that a BJSS coach was responsible for ordering the assault to be carried out, Chin replied: "I have no comment on that. Let's just leave it until investigations have been done. There is already a police report. The parent can report anything to the Press or the police but he'd better have proof of what he's saying."
When approached by The Paper That Cares yesterday, the coach who allegedly sparked off the assault brushed the incident off saying that it was "just a fight between school kids".
A blog post on yesterday reported five BJSS hockey players who represented Kuala Lumpur in the National Under-16 Tournament were beaten up by their seniors with hockey sticks.
The incident occurred after the five, all under 16, returned from a training session at the KLHA stadium alongside the KL Hockey Club team.
Around 10 seniors, according to the blog, did not like this and took matters into their own hands.
The blog reported that "the school is expected to come down hard on the said culprits and the players also could face expulsion for their action and that this incident may cause BJSS to pull out from the Malaysian Hockey League 2010".
BJSS Sports Senior Assistant Kon Chen Choong and the Student Affairs Senior Assistant Suhaimi Sun Abdullah declined comment.

One of the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) trainees, Muhd Fitri Jasni, recalled the horror of being beaten up twice by his seniors.
"It all started after we finished our training at the National Sports Council (NSC) field. Our batch was called by one of our seniors to a room around 9am," said the Form Three student.
"As soon we stepped into the room, I was punched in the stomach by a senior and the five of us were their main targets. Ahmad Asyraf Alias and I received most of the beating. We were punched, kicked, stepped on and hit with a rubber hose and hockey sticks in the back, thighs and legs," he claimed, adding that the beating went on for an hour.
"We were spared at 10am as we had a scheduled meeting with a teacher. We were afraid to reveal the beating to the teacher as we knew that we needed to return to the hostel eventually."
He claimed that upon returning, the beating resumed. They were eventually let go around 1.30pm yesterday as they had a match the following day.
It was alleged that the five Form Three students were assaulted by their senior under the orders of the BJSS hockey head coach. The coach, it was alleged, was not happy that the five had joining the training session with the Kuala Lumpur Hockey association.
The boys' parents had claimed that the boys had received the consent from BJSS principal Marina Chin to train on their own during the school break and on weekends.