Monday, December 13, 2010


Since my last post with regards to the MHL website, the phone has been ringing non stop. There will be efforts by some of those closely linked to the MHF Deputy President to discredit me vi aphone or posting in other blogs. That they are free to do as they are not capable of signing off with ther real name.

The PR man in question is a friend of mine and I rather not drag his name through the mud as he was being misled by the Deputy President in the first place. He has since clarified matters with me and made it clear that he was not told the truth with regards to the double dealing that happened.

Let's go through this issue from the top, and that goes back to July this year where there was a joint meeting between MHF and TNB. A request was made by TNB and accepted by MHF that a dedicated website be put up for the MHL, akin to the Azlan Shah Cup.

I was approached by the then MHF General Manager in late July and once again on August 9 on the matter and requested to put up a proposal which I subsequently did. And on September 23 the details were finalised and a letter was to be issued by MHF. In the meantime I went on to purchase the URL and started making arrangements to construct the website.

However, once again the GM failed to get back to me and the Unofficial Website, went up late November. I was then approached by the Assistant Secretary and following which held a meeting with the General Manager/Secretary in Bangsar on 3rd December where I was informed that certain MHF officials were against the idea of securing my services to run the website.

The next day I was once again asked if I was keen to change the website to official status, and my reply to the GM/Sec was that I had not made a decision. Several email were exchanged on the matter the next two days.

It was on Wednesday, Dec 8 that I met the GM/Sec and a decision was made that TNB will deal with me directly on the matter of the website due to the issues within MHF and to safeguard the GM/Sec on this issue. A meeting with the TNB representatives was then held in Kilat Club and decisions were made.

In the meantime the Deputy President went ahead and engaged the services of another company to handle a website that had yet to be developed. And a presentation was done by the said company to the GM/Sec.

It was on Thursday that a formal meeting was held at TNB and it was decided that TNB will deal directly with an agency to provide services for the website. But then all hell broke loose as the double dealing became apparent.

The Deputy President, who has no locus standi, for nor is he the Competitions Committee Chairman, nor the Finance Committee Chairman nor the Media Committee Chairman, went and made a call to TNB not to award the website job to me. Now the question that he has to answer if he is right what was the basis of his decision, which committee decided on it and who is he to direct TNB to rescind the decision made at a formal meeting, notes of which are made available to me?
He made it sound so good that the name of the NSC Director General was also mentioned as to why I was not to be awarded the job, and a quick SMS to the NSC DG got me this reply " I have never spoken to Azmi about you. I have never spoken to anybody from TNB either"

If calling a spade a spade has riled you up, then please bear in mind Deputy President that you are the same person who used to stand outside my office when you played for my club and begged for RM10 to eat. And what about this I hear about some pitch deal?

No, I have no intention to beg you for this job, go ahead and award it to who you want but bear in mind that all your misdeeds will be under close scrutiny, including the China Gate affair of 2006.

I bear no ill feelings towards the GM/Sec or the Asst Secretary, whom I believed were acting in good faith, for the interest of hockey in the country. It is people like the Deputy President who give hockey, and in the process the President Tengku Abdullah Sulatn Ahmad Shah a bad name.

And yes Deputy President, you told someone that you want to award me the Azlan Shah Cup media job, well take it and shove it up yours for all I care, I am watching you every step of the way.