Thursday, December 16, 2010


In the aftermath of the assault on the five junior players of the Bukit Jalil Sports School by their seven seniors on Tuesday, another three police reports are said to have been lodged in the wee hours of Wednesday.

One of the reports was lodged by two of the alleged assailants who claim that they were slapped by one of the parents of the five junior players.

The second report, it is learnt, was lodged by the school authorities on the conduct and intrusion by the same parent while the third report was by the coach who stated that the report was lodged as he feared for his safety.

On Tuesday, one of the five players lodged a report against seven of his seniors, who incidentally were questioned by the police when they went to lodge their reports.

With continued silence from the school authorities and the Ministry of Education, it has been difficult to gain more information, but it is believed that all the students involved have been sent home for 10 days pending investigations.