Saturday, December 4, 2010


After the elections of the Malaysian Hockey Federation on October 31, many said that the winds of change will be for the better for Malaysian hockey.

But it proved to be wishful thinking as recently proved at the National Under 14 Championships in Penang.

The tournament has been in existence for the past five years yet the MHF could not provide a challenge trophy.

And what was more disappointing was that Pahang, the home state of the President of MHF could not name 16 players for the tournament, as they only had 14 players representing them. So much for talking about development.

Then we have the Deputy President, who opts to use the MHF Management Committee platform to hit out at this blogger, when in reality he knows next to nothing about Malaysian hockey, besides wearing his coat and trying to look important.

The Deputy President was quoted as saying in a Malay tabloid - that Stephen van Huizen has nothing to worry and that his contract has been renewed.

Well, Mr. Deputy President - need I remind you that Stephen has been released by his employers CIMB until 2012 and there is no question of you renewing his contract. Unless of course you are the self declared Chairman of the Coaching Committee.

And I do hope that the Deputy President learns to check his facts before making statements as in the same newspaper he was quoted as saying that Malaysia will be playing in an invitational tournament in France.

In treality, since that Deputy President is grossly unaware, the Malaysian team will be playing in the Champions Challenge II in Paris next July and not in a friendly tournament. There is nothing friendly about it.

Coming back to changes, while administratively things should improve, the mindset of those elected or re-elected will remain the same. They view this blog as a threat, as one that damages Malaysian hockey, but just how many states are represented in the MHL?

Holding on to a positions or campaigning is easy but getting down to do work is the difficult part as lip service can work in a two year term, but for a four year term its work that will show, not just sitting in cushy chairs and making sweeping statements.