Monday, December 27, 2010


The question is how low can one go? 

And the answer is really low if one takes the look at the behaviour of the Malaysian Hockey Federation Deputy President.

After having wielded his power on TNB to renege on the offer made to run the MHL website, the Deputy President has now gone on a crusade to get hockey fans/players/officials to remove the car stickers.

The fact that the Deputy President acted beyond his powers is there for all to see, but this injustice was not even corrected by the powers that be within MHF. S

The car stickers were provided to the public to help promote the website, to create awareness and we took the liberty to include the UNOFFICIAL tag on the stickers to ensure we were not guilty of false advertising.

So why fear us Deputy President when you told some members of the media that your OFFICIAL website will be up and running by December 29, which is two days away!
I have no beef with you, but if its war you want, then its war you will get as a New Year present.