Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) and the Malaysian Women's Hockey Association (MWHA) are set to merge soon. But no one, not even the president of MHF Tengku Abdullah Sulatn Ahmad Shah was prepared to let the cat out of the bag.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) had made it a pre-requisite for national associations to have only one hockey governing body. And in Malaysia, the powers that be, during that period, found a easy exit by forming the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC), a body that exists in name only but yields no power on matters concerning hockey in the country.

During the Malaysian Games in June, a discussion was held when the MHC met and it is believed that there was opposition from the part of MWHA on the official merger.Their resistance stemmed from the fact that the women officials will lose their seats and in the process the decision making process for women's hockey besides the autonomy they currently enjoy.

"We are in the midst of having some discussions onnthis matter and all will be revealed in due course," said Tengku Abdullah after the launch of the 1Mas Development program, which ironically will not see any girl hockey players being provided the opportunity to undergo systematic training at a young age.

And contrary to the claim by Johor Hockey Association that they were the first hockey body in the country to merge, it is Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association that hold the distinction as they changed their constitution in1992.

Penang Hockey Association followed suit in 2000 and Johor is the third state to have merged the two hockey bodies in the state.