Monday, June 27, 2011


The Razk Cup used to be a premier hockey tournament , a fact that many are aware of, even those running the Malaysian Hockey Federation currently.

And there was this so-called effort to re-brand the tournament, with a major sponsor brought in as well as changing the format to a zonal qualifying system.

But events over the last two months have shown that it has failed on both fronts.

The fixtures have been changed so many times that one needs a diary to keep abreast with the latest happenings as so far as the fixtures ate concerned. And the main stream media too seem fed up with the constant changes that they do not carry news.

There is an official website for the Razak Cup as there is an official MHF website. But both are not updated regularly.

Remember the botched up Southern Zone qualifier between Negri Sembilan and Malacca that never took place in Batu Pahat?

Well that match has now been played at the Tun Razak Stadium last Saturday with Malacca registering a 6-2 win.

But one will not find any mention of the match on the website, similiar to the fact that nothing of the various national teams progress or participation are mentioned in the official MHF website.

Rather MHF takes pride in advertising for a golf event!

Moving on to the fixture confusion, the North Zone qualifiers will be played on the weekend of July 8-10 and not as stated in the website.

And the East Zone has now suddenly re-appeared as Terengganu want in.

But aren't there two Terengganu players, namely Mohd Shahrun Nabil and Fitri Saari already representing Kuala Lumpur?

So what will become of them now? What about the fact that they played the qualifiers for KL and can Terengganu lay claim on them?

Confused? Well we are all....