Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well today marks a new era for Malaysian Hockey.

That will most likely be the tune of MHF and MWHA at the end of the EGM of Malaysian Hockey Confederation this evening.

Well if you media guys are wondering that EGM and where, it's the one that you have not been invited for, simple.

This is largely due to the fact that some quarters in MHF are keeping it so quiet as they have much to hide.

Frankly the state affiliates are no better for all they do is bitch around and not take proper action when the opportunity presents itself.

So while the charade at MHF continues as one portrays himself as having the holier than thou altitude, nothing will progress in hockey, do not silver and bronze medals lull you into complacency.

The fact of the matter is MHF, MHC and MWHA are just tools being used by some for personal gain.

If one is to decry that suggestion then why are there 14 elected positions in the first place?

And why was there such a fight to have the Secretary and Treasurer appointed?

The states have longed argued about making a mistake with regards to a 4 year term. Well today when they agree with the amendments, they will repeat it again.

And frankly to the affiliates, you are wasting your time or simply put after you agree with the charade today, you will be a waste of time.

32 council members and 22 elected and appointed members is what you get after MHC is formed, maybe the Prime Minister might follow suit for the cabinet.

After all the term often used " The Way Forward" was taken from my initial suggestion for the Cabinet Committee in Sports and that too has been hijacked by people in MHF who claim it as their own.

Will I go for the EFM? Well I have better things to do like saying a final farewell to a orang kampung rather then be there to watch the rot continue.