Sunday, October 2, 2011


So what is the truth with regards to the alleged doping story that was carried by The Star newspaper today.

The story is true and there is no denying it, no matter how many clarifications or statements are made.

It's a question of just who is telling the truth? Did the journalist conjure a statement as the MHF Secretary has since gone on record to deny making such a statement to the said media.

Having known the writer for more than 25 years, I have no doubt that he wrote what he wrote based on what was told to him.

Now coming back to the procedural issue of the entire doping test, it can come under question simply because the Secretary of the Medical Committee has vested interest, for he is the assistant coach of one of the teams competing.

Now he is the officer in charge of doping control in the country and based on his involvement with a team, his impartiality comes under question.

And another issue here is were the tests truly random or targeted?

For three players from a team were hauled up for testing while only one player from the opposing team. And was the manager informed prior to that match that the players will undergo doping?

It is best if MHF comes out clear as to what transpired as I firmly believe that it was an MHF official that leaked the story.

Doping, either recreational or performance enhancing should not be condoned but usage of recreational drugs has affected sportsmen of late.

It's a social issue that needs to be handled well and not swept under the carpet. Kudos to The Star for highlighting it but really what is the truth?