Monday, October 3, 2011


For those who have time on their hands, please make it a point to catch the TV series titled Lie To Me.

It is about a person who will be able to tell if you are lying by analyzing your features or facial expressions as you speak.

But that is not what this posting is about. Rather, as the reader would have guessed, it's about the doping issue.

My concern solely was about who leaked the story as I have made it crystal clear that the story in The Star is factually correct and never disputed that.

Having checked, it is now becoming clear that Maninderjit Singh did not say what he was quoted to have said. This him being the source of the leak is unfounded.

So who was the real culprit then? And what were his motives? One thing is certain, the person who leaked it wanted to discredit the club concerned.

So let's look at the facts once again. There was notification to the club on the provisional suspension but not to the Technical Official on duty for the match.

So how did the paper know which were the two players affected? And that they were not fielded.

And since only a select few knew those players were suspended, it will not take a genius to figure out things right.

Now this person has been going around saying that I am using this issue to get at Maninderjit. But that is what I expect from a person of shallow thinking.

Suffice to say that you are not within my pay bracket.