Friday, October 28, 2011


That will be the correct phrase to describe the antics of national hockkey coach Tai beng hai and his merry men in the coaching and administrative set up.

For his decision not to let Faisal saari and Firhan Ashaari play for the Project 2013 side in the forthcoming inaugural Sultan of Johor Cup is downright silly and aimed at protecting his own interest rather then the nation.

Let us just flashback to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi last year. The coach then was Stephen van Huizen ( who is current the National Team Coaching Co-ordinator). Almost the first team was sent to compete at the Commonwealth Games and some two weeks later left to play in the Asian Games where they finished with a silver medal.

And forward to the situation today that Beng Hai is in. He contends that the players will not be prepared to play in the Champions Challenge in South Africa that commences on November 26. And for the record the national team leaves on November 20 for Johannesburg and will play two friendly matches against South Africa and India leading up to the tournament.

So the argument of conditioning and state of preparedness Mr. Tai is thrown out of the window.

In a meeting held on September 26 at the NSC, the Project 2013 squads request to have Faisal play at least three matches in the tournament was flatly denied by Beng Hai. And the situation is getting abd as now Firhan is also denied a release to play.

Now while Beng Hai has been given a top 5 target, the Project 2013 squad have been given a top two target by the MHF or rather MHC President.

But does the President or was he made to be aware that the best players will not be at Johor Baru representing the juniors? So how is it that you set a top four finish at the Asian Champions Trophy when we were ranked second at the Asian Games but now chose to set a much higher target for a team taht is being handicapped by none other then Beng Hai?

Are the two teams supposed to work alongside and not sabotage the attempts of the other? Is that not what it is supposed to be.
On top of that some have claimed that they "Found", "discovered" Faisal Saari. But records show otherwise.