Saturday, March 23, 2013


It is startling to note that 27 umpires officiating in the National Under 16 Tournament that is ongoing have failed in the fitness test conducted prior to the tournament.

Yet the Umpires Manager has deemed them fit to continue umpiring. Mind you that 15 of the umpires are members of the Armed Forces.

Ironically another fitness test is being planned in a day or two, something unheard of in hockey in the past.

Why are rules being bent and why is MHC so quiet about this whole charade? It takes two hands to clap and MHC top officials are well aware of this fiasco.

Wonder if anyone will raise the issue at the MHC Council Meeting on Sunday and highlight this to the MHC President?

After all the MHC President is said to have complete confidence in the MHC Umpires Chairman despite 12 affiliates signing a motion of no confidence.