Friday, March 22, 2013


Zakir Hussain, the renowned sports journalist from Pakistan passed away yesterday

He was present at the Azlan Shah Cup last week and was looking his normal self, happy when Pakistan won a match and kept to himself when they lost. He was at the tournament until Thursday and left for Kuala Lumpur the next day.

Zakir was a legend when it came to writing about hockey and I had the pleasure of working alongside him during the last four Azlan Shah Cups.

He was particularly excited that the India v Pakistan series was on ( the decision to call off was done on Saturday only) and invited me to come for the Pakistan leg, promising to take me to Nankana Sahib and also requested me to stay at his house.

"It is time we had a major hockey event in Pakistan. It is safe to be there, trust me my friend. I assure you of your safety. Come and see for yourself," was what Zakir told me.

Former national coach Tai Beng Hai bumped into Zakir in the press room and paid tribute to him by saying that he was looking forward to what Zakir was going to write about the Azlan Shah Cup.

Zakir was a gentleman, takes a walk from his hotel, Fair Park to the Azlan Shah Stadium, never troubling anyone.

Together with his family we mourn his death and it is a tremendous loss for the hockey world.

Zakir Hussain Syed: Eminent sports analyst dies during walk in park
By APP Published: March 22, 2013

Former director general of Pakistan Sports Board and sports analyst Zakir Hussain Syed.

Former director general of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and sports analyst Zakir Hussain Syed passed away on Thursday at Fatima Jinnah Park where he was on a routine evening walk. He was 73.

His funeral will be held on Friday at 2:30 pm at his ancestral town Kotli Amir Ali, Sialkot. He was awarded the President’s Medal for the Pride of Performance. He was the first recipient of such a highest honour in sports administration and management in the country.

Zakir Hussain was the first Pakistani chief executive of the PSB. As the youngest ever director general of the board, he came to this organisation as a virtually unknown commodity and left behind a legacy of success and brilliance.