Monday, March 25, 2013


Malay Mail used to pride itself with earth shattering stories in the sports pages so much so some editors used to cringe in fear when picking up the paper.

It had a reputation of having sports journalist who used to report without fear or favour.

But looking at the newspaper today, it is really a shame that a sports journalist has failed to get his facts right and allows himself to be used as a tool by some to highlight things that a layman knows are wrong.

Firstly it is and has been for the past 18 months been known as the Malaysian Hockey Confederation and not the Malaysian Hockey Federation.

With regards to the MHL, press conferences were held at the Malay Mail journalist never turned up for any.

Next he quotes a disgruntled official from Penang who laments about publicity given to only Klang Valley. But that team plays 4 matches in Penang, infact a whole weekend of MHL matches are scheduled to be held in Penang.

And where was this journalist on Sunday where there were close to 2,000 fans at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil and the two matches were beamed live on Astro Arena?

The MHL has been around for years, probably before this greenhorn was even born and today without checking his facts he writes as if he is an authority on hockey.

Today that same journalist, at the urging of an KLHA official who has nothing good to say, went around creating an issue with regards ball pickers for the U16 tourney in the KPM Stadium. Excuse me but have you even watched the matches since last Saturday?

And why are you not writing about the KLHA Stadium that was completed last December but is till today just as it was last December? Why has that same KLHA official not asked him to highlight it.

So before you start running, learn how to walk first. Do not be arrogant when talking to older people, as in our Asian community respecting elders is what every family teaches their young.

It's a simple advice, check your facts, write both sides of the story and respect all that are older then you.