Thursday, June 20, 2013


When national hockey coach paul Revington said that he had no control over the national team, many had doubted the statement.

But that is a fact and it was proven today at the Royale Chulan Hotel when the national players trickled in one after another for a scheduled meeting with the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

That goes on to show that even Team Manager George Koshy lacks control over the team.

When the MHC President arrived, flanked by two personalities who actually should take the blame for the whole issue blowing out of proportion,  there were only five players present.

At one stage at 3pm, half an hour after the scheduled time, only 17 out of the 26 had turned up. And the quorum was complete 15 mins later.

The MHC President reminded the players to remained focussed in the task at hand and at the press conference stated that qualifying for the World Cup was a team effort.

He even asked the Senior VP who had refused to comment to this blog the other day but went to town with his conspiracy theory to vacate the chair next to him so Revs could sit.

And when posed with a leading question as to any action against Manjit Majid Abdullah for his role in making public the whole sordid affair, the MHC President brushed it aside saying that it was in the past and it was time to move forward, that focusing on the task to make the World Cup was the priority.

Hiwever wuth Revington still playing with words at his own press conference after TM had left,  it was all the more clear that the actors had actually played their roles well and the bigger agenda had won the day.

Lers hope that Malaysia does not suffer the fate of India in Holland for the World League, promising so much but ending in a whimper.

As the countries in South East Asia fight the haze, Malaysian Hockey is still figjtinh bush fires, and yet we dream of qualifying for the World Cup.

Its a hazy dream at the moment,  no thanks to those who back stab in the name of the interest of hockey in the country.

Hockey is a joke and so are those running it, so much so if they put up an act they will put to shame the Royal London Circus that used to entertain the masses in our country till the late eighties.