Friday, June 28, 2013


Paul Revington had undergone a turmoiled period leading up to the World League Round 3 Semis as the Malaysian National Coach. But he has put the past behind as he takes his motely crew into a tournament where a World Cup place is at stake.

Revs was kind enough to spend time answering questions and below are his thoughts on Malaysian chances and their opening match against Pakistan this Saturday.

Question: Matches number 4 and 5 are the vital ones for teams here. And it will be the same for Malaysia. How will you approach the group matches?

Revs: Group matches are important to build confidence and a degree of momentum for all Teams. I cannot see any teams approaching the group games "casually" as the quarter final stage is hardly the environment to be trying to rectify problems or structural difficulties. 

Question: How much has the team been affected with the issues that have plagued you over the past week?

Revs: I don't think this past week has been the concern - it was the period between January and just prior to last week that definitely affected everyone involved in the National Squad. We managed to keep a lid on things through the SASC and produced some quality hockey as a Team and Squad. Immediately after the SASC the real issues set in. I am confident that we have managed to get control of the situation and there will be a further improvement from the SASC performance.

Question: In your mind, who are the front runners for the three places for the World Cup from Johor Bahru?

Revs: I think the obvious one is Germany. Outside of Germany - I think anyone can get themselves into the semi finals. 

Question: Having some young players in the team provides you with youth exuberance but at the same time they could freeze should Malaysia be on the verge of a World Cup place. Your opinion.

Revs: We have a lovely mix of youth and experience in this Squad and this Team. I also believe that the younger players are feeling a real part of this Team - which is important to ensure the mix of experience and youth is successful. 

Question: How are you handling expectations of a country that has missed two world cups?

Revs: I have not had too much time to even think of this to be honest! I have been flat out with other matters! 

Question: Your thoughts on the opening game?

Revs: Malaysia versus Pakistan has developed into a good rivalry over recent years. Pakistan are a very good side and we respect their ability. I think everyone in this event also knows that Malaysia have been improving year after year, month by month and have a group of players who can match any team in world hockey. This makes the opening game an exciting one.