Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The old Malaysian malady of conceding goals in the final few minutes of matches has returned to haunt the national hockey team as evident in the Test Series against South Africa.

Who can ever forget the penalty corner goal Malaysia conceded Malaysia conceded at the 2000 Sydney Olympics against Pakistan that cost Malaysia a chance for the best ever finish in the history of our Olympic participation?

After that there were a series of events in which Malaysia conceded late goals. One would have thought that newly appointed coach Paul Revington had cured it as Malaysia went on to carve out impressive performances at the Champions Challenge 1 as well as the AHF Champions Trophy late last year.

But conceding a goal in the final four seconds in the Azlan Shah Cup final against Australia did raise some eyebrows.

And now the performance at South Africa reveals that the reprieve was temporary.

While we call that a malady, the inconsistency in converting penalty corners must surely be of concern to Revington and his assistant Arul Selvaraj.

It is learnt that a penalty corner specialist from Argentina who is based in Holland was roped in to help in the penalty corner department.

Details remain sketchy as to who this individual is but from the results in South Africa, the hiring of this specialist has not yielded the desired results.

But to be fair it's the performance at the World League Semis later this month that matters and until then the critics are prepared to hold on to their smoking guns.

But lingering out there is another factor that is said to have affected the performances of the team and it all has to done with the inaction of the MHC and NSC.

We can only hope that it is not the case for if true then even calling Kuala Lumpur will not help the cause.