Tuesday, June 18, 2013


An long overdue pow wow was held at the National Sports Council this afternoon and a couple of hours later disgruntled national hockey coach Paul Revington was back on the familiar National Hockey Stadium, putting his charges through their paces in preparation for the World Hockey League Semi Finals Round 3 at Johor Baru.

No doubt there were smiling faces at the Press Conference, attested by several members of the media who were there, but one cannot help feel sorry for the members of the media as they could well have awaken from a dream that started last Saturday at the end of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Coaching Committee Meeting.

Looking back the committee should be garlanded for bringing out ino the open an issue that has plagued hockey for the past three months, starting from an unfortunate incident on an eventful Saturday, some 24 hours before the Azlan Shah Cup final.

For those who are intrigued o find out what transpired, I suggest they read some of the main stream papers, one which turned this whole episode of Revington's resignation into a soap opera, linking it to conspiracy, when the truth of the matter was conveniently left behind as officials of the MHC start their election campaign early, running down each other with civil servants getting into the picture as well.

Suffice to say on record, none of the elected officials deserve a seat when the new MHC Execuive Board is elected into office. But then again its those who votes the likes of these incompetent personalities that deserve them, so live with the dramas and enjoy selling your toes over the next 10 months or so.

More to follow later as looking after my ailing mother is more important then wasting my time on a bunch of losers.