Friday, June 28, 2013


During the course of blogging in this blog, I had in March I authored and published the following articles in this blog entitled, “The Asshole from KLHA” dated 24.3.2013; “The Dogs” dated 24.3.2013; “A Tribute to the Three Stooges” dated 25.3.2013; and “Now You Know Who To Blame” dated 25.3.2013.

I acknowledge that in the blog postings I made references to a particular individual as an independent member, a businessman, a member of the Finance Committee and Mr. Businessman (“Mr. Businessman”).

I acknowledge that the postings were offending in nature, which were written by me, and the allegations made were baseless, frivolous, untrue and without any foundation altogether with regards to an individual to whom I referred to as mentioned above.

I have since clarified the matter with the said individual who was magnimonous enough to accept the fact that it was not done with mala fide and I could have been provided with information by unscrupolous individuals. I do hereby acknowledge that Mr. Businessman has always conducted his affairs in the corporate world with honesty and is a highly respected member of the society.

It was untrue and baseless for me to hint or suggest that there was anything untoward, underhand or improper in the conduct of the said Mr. Businessman and that it is wrong for me to allege in the blog postings that Mr. Businessman has done nothing in contributing to the development of Malaysian Hockey.

In restropect Mr. Businessman has contributed immensly to the sport and this was never publicised and his assistance in the various positions he has held in hockey has no doubt helped to uplift the standard of hockey which I hereby acknowledge.

I acknowledge that the above allegations may have caused serious damage and injury to the reputation of Mr. Businessman as a well-respected Independent Council Member of MHC, Deputy Chairman of the Finance Marketing and Sponsorship Committee and an honest businessman of the community.

I unreservedly and sincerely apologize to Mr. Businessman for the grief, distress and damage caused to him, his family and his acquaintances. I undertake, in future, not to publish any defamatory statements involving Mr. Businessman.

In addition, the blog postings have been removed upon the publication of this article.