Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The Asian Hockey Federation will look towards introducing the video referral technology in major competitions in Asia beginning 2014.
In revealing this, AHF Secretary General Tan Sri P. Alagendra said that logistic and financial constraints had made it difficult for such equipment to be provided for the ongoing Asia Cup.
Nonerheless Alagendra admitted that technology plays an important part in the development of the sport and hence the emphasis of having the referral video could see it making its debut in Asian tournaments next year.
“It was considered for the Asia Cup but the hosts were not able to provide such a facility after having discussed the matter with the host broadcasters,” said Alagendra.
“While we understand the feelings of the teams, much must be taken into consideration, like the financial implications as well as it is not cheap.
“Still the AHF will strive towards introducing this in our major events from next year.”
On the issue with regards not implementing the 45 second penalty corner rule and the stick above the shoulder, Alagendra said that they had written to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) seeking exemption to applying the regulations in the asia Cup.
“The FIH granted our request and it was done so that it does not favour any team as not all have played under the rule which was only introduced in June this year for the World League,” clarified Alagendra.
However he was non committal on whether the regulations and the video referral will be introduced at the forthcoming AHF Champions trophy o be held in Japan from the 1st to 9th November.