Friday, August 9, 2013


Malaysia were never meant to host the 2013 Mens Asia Cup.

But a chanced audience with His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah, the President of the Asian Hockey Federation on May 19,2012 changed that.

For I was summoned to appear before HRH at Istana Perak in Kuala Lumpur on that fateful morning to present the final draft of the SAS Cup souvenir program for a royal seal of approval.

Accompanying me was the then MHF Asst Secretary Hashim Yusof and also present was the Sultan's Aide de Camp Kol Dato Rahim.

After going through the draft meticulously, I handed over a copy of the 1975 World Cup Souvenir Program to HRH who then went through the pages and shared some stories.

It was then the conversation shifted to why Malaysia were finding it tough to qualify for the World Cup question was posed to me by HRH.

I then sought clarification from HRH as to why Singapore was given the hosting rights for the Asia Cup which offers a ticket to the World Cup.

HRH was startled and asked Kol Rahim if it was true and it was affirmed by Kol Rahim who said that the decision was made in March that year.

I further explained to HRH on the wisdom of having it in Malaysia and in particular in Ipoh, on the very blue turf that was paid for by HRH.

HRH then summoned several MHF officials and AHF Sec Gen Tan Sri P.Alagendra for a discussion that evening after the sponsorship presentation ceremony at the Concorde Hotel where he made his views clear and sought them to table a proposal at the AHF Council Meeting during the Azlan Shah Cup the following week.

After the AHF Meeting Tuanku went on to present the certificates for the AHF Academy and when leaving gestured me forward and introduced me to the FIH President Leandro Negre as his Media Officer.

And he said, the 2013 Asia Cup is in Ipoh next year so now you have two events to handle for me. I was honoured and it was also repeated to Dato Abd Rahim Md Ariff, the Perak HA President.

Well Rahim never lived up to it and made good his word as he has been manouvered by the foul mouthed M. Selva, the very person who was disrespectful to my late Mum by making fun of her condition when she was critical in a past midnight phobe call to me.

Thus I need to explain here that I have no role to play in the Asia Cup as many media friends assume that I will be running the media centre for the Asia Cup as was the case for the past 3 Azlan Shah Cups.

Dato Rahim lacks the authority nor the wisdom to make decisions and is truly not a man of his words.

As for Selva, perhaps I did not adhere to his bidding for it was a question of you scratch my back and I do yours, something I will not do for its a question of principles.

As for the Sultan of Johor Cup, I ought to clarify that I am not handling the Media nor the Website as I have not received payment from the organising committee and the matter is subject to a legal dispute.

Many assume that Hashim and I are akin to partners, but readers will be surprised to know that Hashim has stopped all communications with me ob July 4 and was not present at my Mums funeral and subsequent prayer ceremonies nor has he uttered condolences on the demise of Mum.

And to think I had virtually begged HRH Tengku Abdullah to give Hashim a second chance when Dato Rahim virtually left Hashim to fend for his own in July last year.

I may not hold the votes, but the pen is mightier then the sword Dato Rahim so let us wait and watch.

Let there be no more hanky panky in Perak for I am watching you. For you failed to be a gentleman.