Wednesday, August 7, 2013


"I lost a great friend and a special player!

"When I became the Malaysian National Hockey Coach for Commenwealth Games 1998, I met Chua first time as a 'boy'. He was 18 years old and with limited skills,  but had a great heart for his sport. His small Chinese eyes became big when I talked with him about hockey and his chances to become a great player in future.

"His mother told me once: 'Mr Paul, what have you done with my son, he is crazy for hockey and he sleeps with his stick'.

"Yes, that was Chua and because he learned hockey late and was not ready with his skill and tactical understanding. By 1998 his enthusiasm and passion for his sport was extraordinary. 

"I was lucky those days with him in the 'Silver Medal Commenwealth-Team' one of the best Malaysian hockey team ever. 

"After the fantastic performance during the Commenwealt Games in KL 1998 Chua became a strong player and established member of Malaysian Hockey National Team and he was one of our strongest players during World Cup 2002 in KL and Asian Games 2002 in Busan.

"Chua also became a big name in International Hockey. World class defenders from Germany, Holland, Spain and Australia were discussing about the tall Malaysian striker with the pony-tail because he was the man who could score goals.

"The German Bundesliga Club Red & White Munich and their manager Hans Baumgartner requested Chua to play for their club in the German Bundesliga! After a few matches Chua was already known amongst the German top-class teams as one of the most dangerous strikers.

"Red-White Munich asked for Chua every year but Chua was already busy in other countries and played in many leagues all over the world to garner experience.

"Wherever he played and lived, he became a great friend to all of his foreign teammates because of his friendly attitude and his appearance. 

"They all referred to him as the boy with a pleasant smile.

"Chua was more than a player for me. You can be lucky as a Coach having him and as a father I would be very proud having him as a son.

I lost a player, a friend and a beloved 'son',

Paul Lissek
Former National Hockey Coach

"I was shocked after receiving the message and can´t believe that such a great athlete has passsed away so early and tragically.
"I met him for the first time prior to the 2002 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur and me and my team members where fascinated by his skills, fitness and friendly behaviour, always friendly and ready to chat after the match but a 100 % proud athlete and fighter during the matches.

"I know that he enjoyed his stay in Germany and developed as a person and player at the same time. His name and story will always be linked to our memories of Malaysia. The WC 2002 and the tragedy life always shows us not to live life.

"My thoughts are with his family, the whole team and staff members of Malaysia and i wish them all the best preparing for the Asia Cup. 
"Go and play with his heart and always take him with you in your thoughts and show your unbounded ambition to make him proud.

Accept my sympathies and my deepest condolence

Malaysia Boleh

Jamilon Mulders
Chief Coach
German National Womens Hockey Team

"I first saw Chua Boon Huat  at the Bukit Jalil Stadium during the 2002 Men's World Cup as as a commentator for the FIH world feed. 

"He had an arresting athletic onfield personality which reflected with his majestic maneuvers past most opposition midfields and defences. His trademark ponytail waltzed complimenting his stick skills and ball control. 

"Over the years he became better and more impressive and was looked up as the senior pro. He was the thinking asset for any team. I am sure all his mates will play their hearts out to win the Asia Cup. This will be the greatest tribute to him.

Anupam Gulati
Former Hockey India CEO
and former Indian Journalist

"For me when as his first coach when Chua played for YNS. he was a raw diamond and  such a pleasant character always polite and smile on his face. 

"A versatile player who could play anywhere the team required him. He worked hard to build up his body from the thin teenager to one of the players who had physical attributes for international hockey. 
"He could adjust and reinvent his game to suit the change in the game due to rule changes and also from being a defender and midfielder to a goal proaching forward. 

"His understanding of the game positioning and timing in the attacking 23  and D was really good. When I coached him between 1998 to 2000 he was an exemplary player and one who I could depend on. The group between 1997 - 2002 was a good batch of players who were a close knit batch with Kuhan,Mirnawan, Keevan, Logan, Mike, Calvin, Roslan, Kalis, lum Saiful etc.

I was only back in 2010 by which time he was already drop from the team for reasons you are aware of in 2009. I would like to remember the good times early in his career when I was there up to 2002. Let's remember him for the great service to the nation and the sports of hockey.May his soul rest in peace.  When he came back after given a chance by Paul you could see a new Chua who was very focused and he was playing well and scored some good goals esp in the SAS. He was the leader on a mission n  passing on his experience n knowledge to the younger teammates.

Fate has taken him away at such a young age and while the team and the nation mourn his passing we take this
The team should take this period of grieve to bring them together and drive them to Focus all their energy effort t o play for him and win the Asia cup in his memory
That would be the best gift to honour him.