Friday, August 23, 2013


Well if the image below, taken from the Official Website of the Asia Cup, as promoted by the MHC Twitter is to be believed, then George Koshy has been named in the Malaysian squad for the Asia Cup.  Hence the website has a major scoop as no media managed to get this story. All credit should really go to the Organising Chairman Dato Abdul Rahim Md Ariff and his able plus trusted henchman Selvakumaran Madasamy, for this international shame.

And yes even a five year old can build a website these days, but the content is what matters. Till now the mainstream media are still calling this blogger seeking information like when are the meetings, what is the schedule of training and info on teams for the Asia Cup. So obviously Rahim and Selva have failed, or is it they forgot one thing - that content and fast information is a pre-requisite for having an effective website and not plastering stories you lift from others without permission.