Wednesday, August 14, 2013


" Hi bro this is ........from ........ipoh: how to I go about doing the pass for the Asia cup in ipoh n please keep me updated on any pre tournament press conference or other interesting stories in ipoh
Me email:".

This was an SMS I received from an Ipoh based journakist with regards to the upcoming Asia Cup in Ipoh.

That was not the only correspondence I received for there were emails from India and Pakistan and not to mention the numerous phone calls seeking information on the event and accreditation as well.

One Malaysian journalist even went to the extent of forwarding his accreditation application to me after his email to the foul mouthed M.Selva of Perak HA was rejected by the server.

For all the incompetence of the Organising Committee, who never informed the media on the fact that the national team was training in Ipoh, that the Myanmar team id in town to train for the SEA Games and that Oman and India arrive in a day or two, I wonder what more it will take to show that Malaysia are now poor organisors.

This only proves one thing, God works in mysterious ways and despite holding positions the inability to deliver sticks out luke a sore thumb.

And why is there no news on Asia's top tournament and the Asian Hockey Federation website at all?

There are moves to launch a Perak HA website this week to incorporate the Asia Cup and this surely makes the Malaysian Hockey Confederation a laughing stock as a state body has usurped the powers of thr national body.

Not to forget that Perak HA has flaunted the regulations of the MHC and Sports Development Act 1977.