Thursday, August 22, 2013


The litany of lies emitting from the corridors of power at the National Hockey Stadium continue as the nation celebrates their re-entry into the World Cup.

The list is endless but here is some of the things that will be revealed over the next few days.

1) How jealousy almost cost Malaysia a place in the World Cup?

2) Top official who does not understand the difference of merit and rear entry.

3) The fiasco of the women's hockey team that is disgraceful?

4) That MHC takes more then a month to consider an appeal on salary.

5) CEO position- why only advertise on website that has less then 5k readers a month and why the delay?

6) The secretive constitution amendments and how it has been leaked.

7) A major blunder on the Razak Cup with regards to national junior players.

8) An update on the Gang of 5 and their latest plan to seek complete control.

9) There will be no MHL next year, not until October.

10) How a council member was told off for raising the issue of 4 states that did not conform to constitution.