Monday, March 17, 2014


A senior official of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation as instructed the MHC staff not to provide me with any details on tournaments organized by them.

Despite bringing this matter up with the MHC Competitions Chairman M.Gobinathan last Thursday, they have yet to furnish me with the fixtures for the Malaysian Hockey League, be it the Division One and Women's League.

The same treatment was dished out with regards to the National Under 16 that commences this week.

However friends in the hockey community have been helping me by providing information of the tournaments.

To members of the media, please note that I am not involved in the MHL hence I am not able to assist with any information.

The website will endeavor to provide news and results as and when we are able to do so.

As for the non cooperation from MHC, well looking at their website one can judge why they are doing what they are.

Back to serious blogging as we will reveal some startling attempt to buy over affiliates...