Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation had sent out an email to its affiliates last Friday requesting the presence of President/Secretary to a briefing with the Director General of the Sports Development Office in Ipoh.

but now doubts have been raised by the Sports Commissioner himself as it was not something he had directed.

Rather the MHC stands accused of wrongful information as the Sports Commissioners Office had directed that a meeting of affiliates of the Perak Hockey Association be assembled. More details on thee tak HA saga later.

But the fact that the Hon. secretary of MHC misleading the affiliates is serious and almost akin to an election campaign by certain quarters as Perak HA is paying for board and lodging of the affiliates that come for the seminar.

When simple instructions are twisted, all because of an hidden agenda likely, one cannot but start questioning the direction the national hockey body is leading.

So it's best Temgku Abdullah spends some time to clean up the domestic mess in hockey before throwing his name in the hat for the office of President of FAM.

By the way Perak HA iis not sending a team for the National Under 16 women's tournament