Monday, March 10, 2014


Many have asked why I failed to secure the Media Relations work for the Champions Challenge. Some have implied that it was a way for MHC to teach me a lesson.

Until I received this long SMS forwarded to me by a top ranking MHC official who felt that I deserved to know the truth hence the mystery is unveiled.

It had nothing to do with ability or pricing, the decision as one could see here was done all because of doing a favour in return of a favour.

Read this message and realise how decisions are made.

Dear esteem members. I have taken note of all the suggestions discussed in the meeting yesterday. As much as both xxxxxxx/xxxxx was good I feel we should award CC to xxxxx for the following reasons. Firstly he did a fantastic job with the Felda launch. So much so when we presented the Roi report to dato Faizoull he was very impressed and even commented felda corporate com cannot do a better job.  Due to this report Felda is still keen to be our partner for 2014. Even the PM's dept was happy with roi report.  Have given a copy of the report to either dato anaurul or dato joe. As such we have to be fair here..We will let xxxxxxx handle the sovenir book and the monthly maintenance of our website for xx and all other events for MHC.. Tks.  xxxx xxxxx