Saturday, March 22, 2014


There is an official of MHC that now claims that he was a macho and almost punched me on the day of the MJHL final.

It was because I questioned how MHC officials were donning attire meant for the Technical Officials of the MJHL and he claimed that the MHC used their own money for that purpose.

So since you are so macho, how is it that the poor ball puckers of the MJHL were not even given a T Shirt for their three months of service and at times were drenched in rain, no masks for the haze and worst of all not paid?

Each ball picker was to receive RM10 per match and from January till today they have yet to see a single cent of their earnings?

Explain that before going around talking about punching people lah. Or is it all those in hospital with broken limbs are there due to your physical ability?

Today's friends are those who back stabbed you two years ago and it was this guy whose late mother you insulted that pleaded with Tengku Abdullah to reinstate you when your current kissing cousins three you out and kept the door shut.

Withholding results and information so as to show your power will get you nowhere but put you closer to destruction. 

Oh yes punch me if you dare please as I also know that our country has law, and implements it, unlike those who you work for that run lawless competitions