Thursday, March 6, 2014


Someone should advice Malaysian Hockey Confederation Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad on what and where to shhot off his mouth.

For Azmi has once again proven that he either lacks the information or is being fed wrong information with regards to what is happening and is now akin to someone who just starts talking when a mike is shoved infront of him.

He has been quoted in Malay dailies today ( wonder why the English dailies shunned the Azlan Shah Cup sponsorship ceremont) saying that MHC was considering including a withdrawal penalty to teams who decline invitations to participate after having confirmed.

Let's give you the correct picture.

It was INDIA that withdrew first before PAKISTAN. Hence why are you picking on Pakistan? India had confirmed their participation. And when Pakistan was wavering, why was there no efforts taken to convince them to come?

Next, Kelantan walked off the pitch during the National Under 16 last year. But NO action was taken against them and they have submitted their entry to this year's tournament as well.

Closer to home the MHC has no guts to initiate action, but talk about wanting to punish international teams. Ask why this SAS tournament is being held on dates that are clearlt not suitable to the international calendar?

Now comes the best part, the Malacca HA has failed to enter their teams for the National Under 16, boys and girls to be held later this month.

But the association where Azmi is the Deputy President, has the resources ( financially) to play hosts to a three match friendly between Malaysia and Canada. So what are your priorities then? If one says that MHC or NSC are bearing the cost, then why was the offer not made to other states to host the matches?

See how you get entangled into a mess Azmi? This goes out to show never shoot the messenger, if you grasp what I mean.