Saturday, March 1, 2014


The main stream media is abuzz with Olak-PKT's team manager Joseph de Silva's accusation against National Juniors Coach Arul Selvaraj.

The issue at hand is Arul's alleged vested interest with club side UniKL Young Guns where he is, alleged, to have made an approach to entice Olak players to play for UniKL in the forthcoming Division One of the Malaysian Hockey League.

But Arul has denied the accusation by Joseph and claims that it was the other way around.

While I am not going to dwell into the " he said, she said" ( go figure who is he and who is she), my concern is the issue of vested interest that is only being raised now while this has been going on for years.

Wearing many hats is nothing new in Malaysian hockey as as one can even see that certain members of the media fraternity too do moonlighting, so why is the pot calling the kettle black?

Joseph has raised a valid point in vested interest but he too should understand that it is something that MHC practices and preaches.

From select few been given rights to do purchases of flight tickets to voting in a decision making process that was tainted from the start, it's a plague that should have been eradicated.

Though there is no love lost between me and Arul, but why pick on him?

There are numerous officials, coaches that act beyond their jurisdiction but why are their roles not questioned?

The truth has to be told and I am aware of it.

When Arul first returned to Malaysia it was UniKL that topped up his salary to entice him to return and serve Malaysia. At that material time he was attached as the Asst Coach of the National Juniors Team.

All coaches, with exception of Paul Fevington were allowed to coach club teams and that situation has not changed unless the backbone less Coaching Commiittee finally found their scrotalls.

So Arul made a mistake or maybe he did not? Maybe Joseph could not understand Arul's Irish slang.

I have no doubt both were out to protect their territory and hence kudos to NST's Jugjet Sibgh for getting both sides of the story.

If vested interest is the key, then let's have a clear stand as to who can do what, unless those in power too have vested interests.