Thursday, October 15, 2009


A player was threatened with exclusion from the national team for the World Cup Qualifiers, all because he wanted to use the hockey stick that was custom made for him, and for defying the instruction of a team official who was promoting the usage of a stick from a rival company.

This was just part of the drama that unfolded on the day when the list of 25 players who will play the Test Matches against Australia next week.

And as stated by Malaysian Hockey weeks ago, Chua Boon Huat failed to make the cut, as did Mohd Sallehin Ghani and Ismail Abu was omitted earlier. So really there was no surprises there as the most likely excuse for the exclusion of Chua was that he opted to play in the Austrian league, but then again how will the management justify the inclusion of Jiwa Mohan who flies back from Perth today?

For the record, the players that failed to make the cut or grade or lived up to the expectations of the interim coaches are Mohd Fairus, Mohd Hanafi, Herwan Pami, Mohd Sallehin Ghani, Mohd Riduan, Fikri Bassar, Hafifihafiz Hanafi, Chua Boon Huat and Jamil Saidin. The list of the 25 players selected are as listed below.

And for the benefit of the readers, I am publishing part of the email that I received from I. Vikneswaran, the owner of Vik Network Sdn Bhd with regards to the indiscretion by the said official. I have omitted the name of the player as well as the official and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

I received a phone call from XXXXX ( xxxxxxxxx of the Malaysian Hockey Team) via +601xxxxxxxx at approximately 1053 hrs on 14th October 2009
He spoke pertaining xxxxxxxx using Prodigy VIK Hockey Stick. He told me that xxxxxx has not been playing properly and have inaccurate shot at goal due the use of Prodigy hockey stick. He then went on informing me that xxxxx has to use another specific brand of his choice. According to xxxxxxx, historically, he has managed to convince another brand to sponsor 5 National Junior players during the recent Junior World Cup where xxxxx is one of them. So, now he expects xxxxx to use the brand of his choice for the test match and qualifier as he has used them during the Junior World Cup 2009. But, why now after more that a month using Prodigy hockey stick with great success?
I have been sponsoring xxxxxx at least since late August 2009. I have taken the effort to specifically design and produce a stick that conforms to the highest international standard for xxxxx to use. Imagine, the cost, time and IP involved in making the stick possible. I have also taken the trouble to get feedback on his use of the stick and thus far has been positive. The National Team goalkeeper did also provide some feedback stating that his shots are more powerful with better timing as well as having higher rate of accuracy.
Now, what alarms me is that xxxxx went on to tell me that he might drop xxxxxx from the Malaysian Senior National Team if he doesn't change the brand of the hockey stick he is using to a brand of xxxxx choice. I wonder if he is a brand ambassador or a Malaysian Hockey Cxxxxx preparing Malaysia to qualify for the 2010 World Cup? I have great pride in my product and have also adapted 1Malaysia in my hockey stick to promote Malaysia and Malaysian hockey specifically to the highest standards. We take great pride in supporting Malaysian hockey by providing the player that best technical tool and equipment in today's hockey.
I feel that xxxxx should put his personal interest and instead concentrate on National interest. The whole nation is behind the Malaysian Team attempting to qualify for the 2010 World Cup and here the xxxxxxx is busy on promoting specific players to use the brand of his choice.
I pity xxxxx who is only xx years young and has a lot to promise going through this trauma as he is now in a limbo between 2 brands. The test match is next week and the qualifiers is only less than a month. How is young xxxxx going to acclimatise with his new hockey stick fulfilling xxxxx choice of brand and play exceptionally well? New, it seems that he has to please xxxxx to be in the squad and not just play his best hockey to be in the final squad and fullfill the nations dreams.
I would sincerely appreciate if you could arrest this issue immediately as prevention is better that cure.
Salam 1Malaysia,
Bac Sp Sc Hons. (UM) MA Psychology (RAU)
FOOTNOTE: The said player is in the list of 25 and has been given permission to use the stick of his choice. A phone call from Vikneswaran confirmed that the player was told he could use the Prodigy stick.

S. Kumar, Khairulnizam Ibrahim, Abdul Hakim

Mohd Madzli Ikmar , Mohd Amin Rahim , Mohd Marhan , Baljit Singh s/o Charun Singh, Baljit Singh s/o Sarjab Singh, Ahmad Kazamirul, Jiwa Mohan

Mohamad Shukri , Nabil Fiqri , Jivan Mohan, Mohd Sharun Nabil, Kelvinder Singh, Azlan Misron, Mohd Shafiq.

Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin, S. Selvaraju, Faizal Saari, Mohammad Amerullah, Mohd Noor Khairul, Muhamad Azami, Harvinder Singh, Muhammad Razie