Friday, October 2, 2009


Contrary to what many think, it is the Malaysian Hockey Federation Management Committee that is sitting on plans to develop hockey in the country.

For the MHF Development Committee, headed by Ken Pereira has submitted two development plans to the Management Committee but has yet to receive any feedback.

And this has led many to believe that the Development Committee has not been active since being formed after the MHF elections last year. But in reality it is the MHF's lack of direction that has led to an impasse between its sub-committee and the Management Committee.

Ken is known to be passionate about hockey and was instrumental in the formation of the Sapura hockey team that has been the mainstay of the Malaysian Hockey League. And last week there were rumours that Ken had thrown in his towel and quit as the Chairman of MHF Development Committee.

However in a series of SMS exchanges with Malaysian Hockey, Ken revealed the truth as to why development is moving at a snails pace since last November.

"The situation is that the Development Committee has proposed two development plans in January and July this year," said Ken in response to a SMS sent seeking clarification on his status.

"They are apparently under consideration by the Management Committee. So far there has been no feedback.

"I have indicated to MHF that I have no problem to serve hockey under another Development Committee Chairman if they have a candidate who will implement programs more in line with what the Management Committee is thinking.

"I certainly do not wish to occupy an important position and do nothing as a result of factors I cannot control."

When asked if he had submitted his resignation to MHF as the Development Committee Chairman, Ken said he had not.

"I have not submitted my resignation. I have INDICATED to MHF that if they have another person, I will work under such a person," clarified Ken.

Ken also clarified that he has held meetings, though not a full Development Committee meetings.

"I have had 3 or 4 "working" Development Committee meetings this year but was informed that this "working" Development Committee is illegal as it is not constitutional as the states are not represented," said Ken.

This however is contradictory to what MHF had practiced in the case of the MHF Coaching Committee who had made appointments of coaches of the various teams despite not having called for a full Coaching Committee meeting. And if MHF had allowed such a thing to happen in the Coaching Committee, then why has it not allowed for the Development Committee to proceed with the plans submitted?

It is believed that a Development Committee meeting is scheduled for October 10, a day after the MHF Management Committee meeting and Ken's parting words, or rather SMS read as follows:

"Honestly we would only like to have a meeting if MHF have some comments on the plans already proposed. No point to have another meeting to come up with another plan," said Ken.