Friday, October 30, 2009


Best Motion Picture of the Year

Clear winner, the Management Committee for their manner in leading the President or rather mis-leading the President on how to govern the sport.

Achievement in Directing

The National Sports Council for millions they have spent yet nothing achieved in hockey.

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Deputy President for calling the national coach a coward and taking hockey fans for a ride.

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Hon. Secretary for working hand in hand with Deputy President

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

The comical aspects during the Coaching Committee Meting where Chairman quit and returned within minutes.

Original Screenplay

We will qualify for the World Cup, left to be seen but highly unlikely

Adapted Screenplay

Winds of Change - but somehow no wind blew and its status quo, be it the last Committee or the current one.

Best Foreign Language Film

When we played against foreign clubs to prepare for the Champions Challenge

Achievement in Art Direction

By forming committees that have not met since December last year, Wawasan and Consultative Committee

Achievement in Cinematography

Stating that MHL will be shown live but ommitting facts that ESPN wants RM3 million for it

Achievement in Costume Design

The lop sided deal that resulted in them buying attire rather then sponsorship

Best Documentary FeatureBest Documentary Short Subject

When drinking is okay but being seen in gaming centre required Gestapo to cull a good player

Achievement in Film Editing

By not adhering to the Constitution in forming Committees

Achievement in Makeup

By altering list of players that played in the final test match against Australia

Best Animated Short Film

Calling for interviews for GM position when candidate decided two months earlier

Best Live Action Short

Failing to close accounts of the company formed together with Singapore to host Junior World Cup

Achievement in Sound

National Coach, for repeating he is Interim Coach, and its 10 months

Achievement in Visual Effects

For the Wayang Kulit put up ever since the clamour for change started last year