Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Firstly I must congratulate fellow blogger and NST Sports journalist Jugjet Singh (, for his scoop with regards to the withdrawal of Ismail Abu from the national team. We will not touch on the details or reasons of the players withdrawal as I have written before that Ismail is one of the players that would have been dropped from the team, and his exit now merely an early omission from the final squad.

The fact that the player comes hails from Kuantan, and is a subject of HRH Tengku Mahkota Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, and that this piece of news has a devastating effect on Ismail as a player and his family, does not give him the right to skip training. Infact I can reveal that Ismail has been absent several times, and after the Hari Raya holidays, he did not attend training for a couple of days.

Enough about Ismail and his indiscretion, for what I want to share with readers of this blog is the conduct of two MHF officials who caught Ismail at the gaming centre, as revealed by NST.

The duo, MHF officials I mean, are the unlikely couple who would hang out together and therefore they were tipped off on Ismail's presence at the centre, hence after having apprehended the poor chap, or rather caught the poor boy with his hand in the cookie jar, one of the officials had the cheek of asking Ismail to apologise.

Now, the correct thing to do would have been to put up a written report, discuss the matter at the MHF Management Committee Meeting (which will be held this Friday at the Olympic Sports Hotel Jalan Hang Jebat) and refer the player to the MHF Disciplinary Board.

And that too if the MHF can get the necessary quorum for the Disciplinary Board as there have been so many cases of players who have been referred after tournaments held this year that have got away scott free due to lack of prosecution.

And while we are at it, what has happened to the cases of Azlan Misron and Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin for their all too famous antics of returning late, though some say it was a case of 15 minutes too early as nothing would have happened as the gates open after that and no one would have known about it.

So back to the case of the two policemen, oops MHF officials who caught Ismail at the "gaming" centre? Why did they not follow procedures and since the duo have always been trying to find out the source of my stories, care they come clean and reveal who amongst the two actually leaked the story out? Or was it someone the duo had confided in and wanting to take the heat off himself for some turf issue, the individual tried to play god?

The bottomline is that the MHF President has been taken for a ride by this particular official. And as for the two officials, you will end up being blamed and that will be the begining of the end for you, do not say I did not warn you of this charade.

So the next time you want to play hooky, place a guard outside the MHF office in Bukit Jalil for we have a Gestapo in our midst.