Friday, October 23, 2009


Australia is prepared to play the remaining two Test Matches using the new green card regulations if Malaysia makes the request.

In confirming that no such request was made prior to the Third Test Match played in Kuantan yesterday, Australian coach Ric Charlesworth said that they were aware that the new regulation will be used in the Champions Trophy and as such it will be mutually beneficial as the Malaysians were going to face a similar scenario in the World Cup Qualifiers in New Zealand next month.

The new regulations, introduced by FIH, calls for a two minute suspension of a player that is shown the green card during a match. The suspension begins when the player sits within the designated technical area.

"I cannot comment much on the rule other then it will probably help reduce the niggling fouls that stop the flow of the game unnecessarily," said Charlesworth.

"But as has been the case in the past, it all depends on the interpretation of the umpires as there are so many variations when it comes to interpretation of regulations introduced by FIH.

"Hence it will be better if FIH comes out with clear guidelines as there can be confusion given that the umpires have powers to punish the players with suspension even with a green card which was a caution in the past."

Charlesworth was not too happy with the standard of umpiring in the match played in Kuantan as he felt that there were many unwarranted calls. Nonetheless he felt that the match had given him some invaluable insights on the weakness of his team.

"Credit to the Malaysians for the fightback, but it was largely due to the fact that my players made several defensive mistakes and they were punished," said Charlesworth.

"Prior to this I had spoken on these issues with the players after the two matches, but now I have videotapes to show them what they are doing wrong.

"It was never the case of us making it easy for the Malaysians after taking the lead, but the pitch conditions, the crowd support as well as the travelling did have some effect on the team as a whole."

The other problem Charlesworth is facing is to get enough players fit for the remaining two Test Matches scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Tun Razak Stadium.

"We have 21 players here and three are carrying injuries that could prevent them from having further part in the remaining matches," said Charlesworth.

"Then we have a player, Mike Buturini who has to leave for home tomorrow (today) as he has exams at his university."

Charlesworth however contends that the Aussies will wrap up the series with a win on Saturday and render the Sunday match purely academic.