Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Kumar with Kelvinder at the end of the world, Invercargil


Received the following comment from S. Kuhan, former national skipper after the story below was published.

S.Kumar, by a mile is the clear choice for the AHF award. He has been clearly the most consistent player in the team for a good 3 years. Although he has had a difficult career, having been no. 2 to both Nasihin and Roslan over the years which is never easy, he has always been a person who gave it all in training and his dedication and determination has finally paid off.

Having being nominated the best goal keeper in recent major tournaments, not forgetting praises from Ric Charlesworth, head coach of the Aussies and Paul Lissek , former national coach, he certainly should be the front runner to be nominated.

The only setback for him, which seems to be haunting him is he hasn’t had the opportunity to play in the Olympics and the World Cup. The other players in the team should look up to him as a role model as he has set such high standards.

Well done Kumar. Keep up the good work and your efforts will rewarded.

Original Posting

It is reliably learnt that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) "forgot" about nominating players for the annual AHF Awards that closed on December 28.

This blog attempted to seek information as to who was nominated by MHF and MWHA and it was only then that efforts were being made to seek consensus as to which player should be nominated by MHF. Phone calls were made and at the same time excuses cooked up, even to the extent of telling certain officials that the closing date was on December 31.

And the best excuse was MHC could not complete the list as the MWHA Secretary was on holiday in India.

Last minute deals are ofyen heard when seeking cheap fares on flights in Wurope, with one website even named Last Minute Deals.

In Malaysia though that honour should go to the MHC Secretary for not being able to handle a simple matter such as this. And he together with the MHF Deputy President harbour hopes oftaking over AHF in 2011, a pact drawn up with some Pakistani officials on the sidelines of the Junior World Cup in JB/Singapore.

Well since it is obvious that MHF/MHC officials cannot think properly (maybe due to their year long holiday mood), this blog proposes that goalkeeper S. Kumar be nominated for the award. He is the obvious choice, a consistent performer at international stage and even Ric Charlesworth paid tribute to him by saying that Kumar was one of the best, if not the best goalkeeper in the world.

See how easy it is to nominate a player, you do not need a Havard/Oxford degree to figure this out.