Friday, December 18, 2009


I would like to ask MHF officials to have their kids stand in the rain for two hours and not provide them with raincoats.

This was the scenario of the so called new look MHL which I have rightfully renamed the circus .

The poor chap in the picture as well as the rest of the ball pickers during the KL Hockey Club v TNB match at Tun Razak Stadium had to endure the match in a steady down pour and MHF could not provide them with a RM5 ringgit raincoat.

Luckly the match was not live as then the rest of Malaysia would have witnessed this inhuman act. But only 37 members of the public saw it.

There was something like 197 persons at the stadium but take away 120 being players and officials of the other four teams and around 20 odd MHF officials or Technical Officials plus parents and families that will make up another 20 persons so that leaves it at 37 fans.